Prince Harry Tells Prince William He’ll Train His Baby Girl To Be #2 Heir

Prince Harry Tells Prince William He’ll Train His Baby Girl To Be #2 Heir

Prince Harry wants to train the newly born baby of Kate Middleton and Prince Williams on how to be the perfect no. 2 heir to the throne.

The 30-year old Prince Harry, joked with the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, 33, and William, 32, that he will be taking in their daughter under his wing and will end up showing her how one can be the spare heir, according to

During an emotional call from Australia, Prince William told his younger brother, Prince Harry who is currently training with the SAS in Australia, about the great news and 30-year old Harry was delighted.

“He is delighted for him, he knows how much William wanted a daughter and he can’t wait to meet her when he returns back to the UK,” reported.

The30-year old has even gone ahead and offered to take in the new baby princess in his own hands and show her all there is to know about when it comes to being the spare heir.

“Harry said that he knows what it’s like to be down the pecking order in line for the throne and she will probably enjoy being as irresponsible as him!” the entertainment news agency continued.

“He even threatened to take her under his wing, which made William laugh and reply, ‘Not a chance!’”

In addition to Harry’s message, Prince William and Kate Middleton also received congratulatory messages from a number of world leaders and celebrities including David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham who are currently celebrating the 40th birthday of David Beckham.