Three new glamour looks for nails

Three new glamour looks for nails

Welcome to spring 2018 and its trends and the colors for your nails you can now try. The truth is that there are hundreds of ideas that you could try on your nails and stay trendy this year.  

We will keep it to three broad ideas on how you can show off some glam for your nails. We are sure that you will love this. 

Geometric Nails

This trend is blowing up on Pinterest. We are talking about an 83 per cent in searches all over the site.  It's like whoever sees geometric nails want that style. The designs dictated by this trend are endless.  There is also a sweet minimalistic look to them. They are vibrant, chic, and interesting.  

Some quick ideas on geometric nails for you to try tonight:

  • Paired-Down pink. White nails with a pink rectangle line in the middle. 
  • Black belt. A metallic lilac polish with a black curve line close to the cuticle.
  • Golden Dots.  Swap moons on the center of a clear-polished nail with golden tips. 

Glittery Nails

Well, who does not like glitter? This nail look is festive all year round. This polish takes its place any time of the year.  You can find the glittery nail polish you need pretty much anywhere.  Shimmery shades are pretty easy to apply and they leave behind a finish that you will definitively enjoy.

If you do not have them yet, hit the store and get the wildest glittery nail polish. Think of your skin tone and of the dress you are planning to wear. 

Dark Red Nails

Ok, maybe this is not a favorite trend at the moment, but go check your drawer and dare tell us you don't have at least one tone of red. Red tones and dark reds are timeless, just like red lips.