Three new looks for eye makeup you can wear everywhere

Three new looks for eye makeup you can wear everywhere

If you are all about being trendy in all ways possible, you need a kind of makeup that you can wear everywhere. It is not about hiding your looks but it is about enhancing them. Obviously, one important aspect of attractive makeup is the eyes. 

Perhaps you enjoy using some pinkish or reddish colors on your eyelids. You probably had run out of ideas on how to put your makeup on your eyes.  Check out these three new looks for eye makeup that you can wear everywhere. 

Making Your Eyes Look Bigger

You probably remember the trend of reverse eyeliner that became popular last year. This year, the trend dictates dabbing a color on the inner corner of your eye. Drawing a line with a white eyeliner is a trick that makes the eyes look more open and vivid.  Using a shimmering color enhances this effect.

To get an unexpected flash of color, you can try a vibrant shadow. If you prefer, you can go for metallic silver.  

Negative Space Eyeliner

If you decided to ditch your eyeliner already, go get it back. A cat eye is always in, but you can spice it up a little bit this year. Leave the inside of the wing unfilled to create this negative space effect.  It is actually super easy to do but the effect is so much cooler. We suggest you use liquid eyeliner with an ultra-fine felt tip to have better control of drawing a perfect straight line with little effort. 

Blue Eye

This is a comeback. You will probably hear that the blue eye makeup is pretty 80s, but you will see it again more frequently this year. Instead of completely covering your eyelid in shimmering blue, use blue eyeliner to draw a clean cat eye. Pick a neutral lip color so that it does not compete with your eyes.