Who is Lindsay Lohan and Could She be Pregnant?

Who is Lindsay Lohan and Could She be Pregnant?

Lindsay Lohan is an American actress from New York City. Apart from acting, she is also a model and singer-songwriter. She has also tried directing and producing. Popular movies Lindsay has starred in are Confessions of a Teeenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls, Scary Movie, and The Canyons. She has recorded Speak and A Little More Personal (Raw).

Lindsay has been involved with several men in the past including Aaron Carter, Wilmer Valderrama, Harry Morton, Calum Best, and the snowboarder Riley Giles. She has also dated DJ Samantha Ronson. Her colorful love life is just one of several things about her personality that makes Lindsay controversial.

Recently, Lindsay tweeted that she was pregnant. Although she has deleted the post, many have questioned the truth in it because she was seen smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Her father, Michael Lohan confirmed in an interview that Lindsay was expecting her first baby. Michael said that his daughter never lied to him and he believed her when she said she was pregnant.

In the midst of the rumor, Lindsay's mom, Dina Lohan, got in the scene. She put an end to the story by saying that Lindsay is not pregnant. In an interview, Dina confirmed that Lindsay only posted that she was pregnant just to get revenge on her fiancé, Egor Tarabasov, who was cheating on her, according to Lindsay.

Around the same time Lindsay tweeted her ‘pregnancy’ post, there were photos released where the couple Lindsay and Egor appeared to be having a serious fight. Some of the images seem to be of Egor attacking Lindsay.  She even said that Egor strangled her and told she was almost killed.