Pierce Brosnan threatened by officials in India for his ad

Pierce Brosnan threatened by officials in India for his ad

Pierce Brosnan is being threatened by the Indian officials with jail time for his tobacco products ad.

The former James Bond doesn’t seem to have the license to kill anymore. At least not in India. Indian officials are warning Pierce that it’s illegal to advertise tobacco products in India, and if he doesn’t explain why he appeared in an ad that promotes a brand that sells tobacco containing mouth-freshening products, he could face jail time in India and a small fine. 

However, Brosnan claims that he only signed a contract to promote a product that doesn’t contain tobacco, not to promote the entire brand, and that he had been deceived. He also stated that he has been a long time women's health care and environmental protection supporter. He lost his wife and daughter to cancer, so promoting a tobacco product is something he would never do.

The truth is, the product that appeared in the ad doesn’t contain tobacco, but other products from this manufacturer do, and that is where the problem lies according to India’s officials.

On the other hand, Pan Bahar denies Brosnan’s claims that they deceived him. They say that the brand is advertised as a mouth freshener and that is how it should be seen and shouldn't be connected to tobacco at all.